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How to Use Apache JMeter for Web Services Testing...

Recently, we were able to do some clustering related load testing on Apache Axis2 web services engine focusing on state replication property. I thought of sharing things we did in our tests which were carried out using Apache JMeter.

Apache JMeter is a fully open source pure java tool designed for the purpose of load testing and measuring performance of web applications. According to the documentation, it can be used to test both static and dynamic web resources such as files, Servlets, web services, Perl scripts, Java Objects, Data Bases and Queries, FTP Servers etc. JMeter can effectively use to simulate heavy loads on the above resource types and analyze the overall performance under different load  conditions such as concurrent loads. It also provide various types of visualization techniques to graphically analyze the results obtained from the load tests.

Here are some advantages of using JMeter
Open Source free tool developed by Apache Software Foundation Has an acti…