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For Better web experience - Full Screen API

Some web applications may require to hide the title bar and the address bar of the browser and show it as a desktop application in full screen view, so that users get the best experience in viewing. Conventional way of doing this is to open a new window using the "" method as follows.
<script type="text/javascript"> var newWindow; var url = ""; window.onload = function (url) { newWindow =, 'name', 'fullscreen=yes,location=0,titlebar=0,top = 0, left = 0, width = '+screen.availWidth + ', height = ' +screen.availHeight + ''); if (window.focus) {newWindow.focus()} } </script>

Using this method you can customize the new window popup by setting the properties associated with the third parameter. Get More details here

However, due to security reasons modern browsers don't allow to hide title bar and address bar anymore.Therefore alternat…